The Latent Power of the. Soul. WATCHMAN NEE. Christian Fellowship Publishers, Inc. . between two worlds, belonging to both, the soul had the power of. Materials for High Temperature Power Generation and Process Plant Applications. Pages·· MB·7, Downloads·New! These proceedings contain. The latent power of the soul. by: Nee, Watchman. Publication date For print- disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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In this book, Watchman Nee shares his insight on The Latent Power of The Soul, The Christian and Psychic Force, and Spirit Force vs Psychic Force. Nowadays. Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 1) Vol. It merely tries to develop the latent power of the soul in an effort to overcome the weakness of the physical . PDF Book 1 Latent Power of the Soul by Watchman NEE PDF Book 2 The Overcoming Life by Watchman NEE PDF Book 3 The-Life-That-Wins.

Whenever we see or hear of any works of wonders, we should ask, "Was this done by God or by the enemy? Was this done by the Holy Spirit of God, or was this done by the psychic law of man?

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We should not try to release the latent power that lies dormant within us. If man does not use these organs, the evil spirit will use them instead.

However, if we try laboriously to invoke the latent power behind these abilities, the evil spirit will give us many false miracles. Working by the principle of the soul and psychology will result in falsehood.

Only the work which is done through the power of the Holy Spirit is genuine.

The Holy Spirit works according to a law, because Romans speaks of "the law of the Spirit of life. Only the works of wonders done through the law of the Spirit are from God. It is extremely difficult for the Moslems to believe in the Lord Jesus. Comparatively speaking, there are very few Moslems who believe in the Lord I do not mean none. When Moslems pray, how do they pray?

They must go to their mosques to pray three times a day. They claim that the accomplishment of a certain matter only requires thousands and tens of thousands to pray for it in one accord.

There is a huge mosque in Mecca, the most famous place among all the Moslems. It can accommodate one hundred thousand people.

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At one time there were one hundred thousand Moslems praying within the mosque. After their prayer another one hundred thousand who were waiting outside went in to pray. What did they pray for? There was one sentence which they shouted in one accord: "We want the recovery of Turkey; we want to be free from the dominion of the white race.

Consequently, Turkey was freed from the dominion of the white race and was restored. It is a pity that the prayers of many believers are not answered by God, but by the projection of the latent power of their soul. Their purpose is accomplished in the same way that the Moslems accomplished theirs.

Consider again the power in Hinduism. In Hinduism, some can walk on fire without being scorched. This is a fact. When they walk on fire, it is not for just a few steps, but for quite a long distance.

Every step they tread is on red-hot iron; yet, they are not hurt. In Hinduism, some can also sleep on a bed of many pointed nails but without being hurt. Beginners cannot bear it and feel the pain. These are also related to the development of the power of the soul. Google Scholar Stephen B. Bevans, Models of Contextual Theology, rev. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, , — Google Scholar 3. The dispensationalism of the Brethren movement was popularized in the mids through the writings of individuals such as J.

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Heard, C.Beginners cannot bear it and feel the pain. Adam was already a living soul the moment he came to life by the inbreathing of God into the shell of clay. For some reason these writers were incapable of seeing what they were doing, and wrote with an air of authority which they thought stemmed from God's Word but did not. I lent it out and never got it back.

Robert a woman , a professor of world Christianity at Boston University. What did they pray for? The time is near.