Six Pack Abs. Revealed. Secrets from the Man with % Body Fat. Straight Talk from Fat Loss Expert Tom Venuto,. Author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. ABS- The Secret Revealed, a book by Lazar resspocobarte.ga Download ( MB) · English · 日本語 · Português (Brazil) · Deutsch · Русский · Français · Svenska. how to make abs the right way. Abs the secret revealed, a book by lazar angelov. 1. PAGE1; 2. PAGE2 INTRODUCTION THE ABS DIET.

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resspocobarte.ga - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. And Support. Everything you need to build a rock solid core and six-pack abs is in this abdominal program. It's easy to follow with no extra fluff All you need. Download Abs The Secret Revealed - Lazar Angelov's PDF book. "ABS: The Secret Revealed" Download & Information Page.

In Abs Revealed, award-winning personal trainer Jonathan Ross provides a complete program for strengthening, sculpting, and maintaining your midsection. More than a collection of exercises, Abs Revealed shows you how to fire your ab muscles regardless of your current fitness level, identify your goals, and develop a personalized workout program to fit your schedule with progressions built in for quick and clear results.

This results-oriented, step-by-step guide also includes more than 60 core exercises, ready-to-use workout plans, and advice on integrating abdominal development into cardio and strength routines. Contents Chapter 1. Stability and Strength for Show Chapter 2.

The Power of Cardio Chapter 3. Working Toward the Washboard Chapter 5. Discovering the Definition Chapter 6. Stage 1: Constructing the Core Chapter 9. Stage 2: Sculpting the Six-Pack Chapter Stage 3: Polishing to Perfection Chapter I spent my days at the gym, I was the first to come in the morning and the last to leave in the evening.

And the nights of going out with friends were different as well. As my friends smoked and got drunk, I just stood there and watched.

And it was hard. But when I look back I know what that did for me — it tested my inner strength, strained my resolution and built up my will. And it made me a new man… I forgot about all the foods that I used to love, I found new ways to have fun without damaging my body, I discov- ered the power of the Will and I became not only physically stronger, but mentally as well.

I was transformed, I was enlightened. Everything changed after that. The way people looked at me was different, be- cause I was different. I was more confident and people could subconsciously sense that. I began to live in a new, better world. Girls at parties used to be cocky and stuck up when I tried to hit on them. After the change, noth- ing like that ever happened again.

I was at a pool party the first time I noticed that women became really interested in me. My friends and I were having fun around the pool and while the others were drinking beer, I decided to take a swim. I took off my shirt and jumped in the pool. As I got out of the pool, everybody was staring at me, at my body, at my abs…I saw two girls, who were mesmerized and it was a strange feeling.

Afterwards, one of the girls came to me and gave me her number. I remem- ber one time, we were still kids, and we were playing basketball at the local basket- ball court. Then some older boys came.

They wanted us to leave, we asked them if they wanted to play with us. Then it got violent, they started mocking and pushing us. I lost my temper and hit one of them.

A moment later, I was in the middle of 5. PAGE5 a terrible fist fight. I am thankful that I have good friends, who got me out of the melee. Those older boys usually bullied weaker or younger kids. Years later, I met them again. But I was already a fitness model then. Coincidental- ly, I was working out in the same gym as them.

I told them who I was and made them remember what hap- pened years ago. They hypocritically began to pardon themselves and made up some petty excuses. That gave me an idea. You see, I was working at two different jobs at the time because I needed to earn enough money in order to afford myself proper nutrition. But people were seeking my advice all the time, when I went to the gym, they wanted to know what exercises I did to build such muscles, and what my routine and diet were.

Because of that appreciation I decided to become a professional personal trainer — that way I would earn my living doing what I love. So, in , I completed two fitness courses and became a personal trainer. I have been coaching people ever since. It was respect. I saw it in strangers as well as in people I already knew. Everybody was amazed by my body. But there was something else as well: They were awed by my iron will and dedication.

They respected my hard work, they valued my achievements. I am often asked the question, which was the most difficult body part to develop.

The answer has always been the same: You see, nobody told me which ex- ercises to do or how to eat properly. I had to discover everything by myself.

I tried and failed, until I discovered the proper way to train the abs. As you know, some people are born with a six pack or even an eight-pack and no matter what they do, they just have it. Three things matter: Willpower, hard work and dedication. PAGE6 But what makes the abs so important? First of all, they require more dedication than any other muscle group.

You have to do the right exercises and keep your body fat percentage low, otherwise you will not be able to see them, no matter how strong they are. Furthermore, they are the ultimate element to a perfect phy- sique. A big, muscular pound guy is not that impressive, but a big pound guy with a six pack is impressive. The abs are no more and no less, than real proof that you are doing things properly. This is why I am writing this book.

Let me explain: I found out that training other people made me as happy, as when I train my own body. My clients came to me unsat- isfied by their results and left transformed. We trained together, I planned their diets, shared my knowledge, motivated them. My clients underwent not only a physical change, but a psychological one as well. I noticed that they became more confident, more motivated and able to confront problems in other aspects of their lives too. This book is for all those people, who I cannot contact personally.

It is for those people, who want to learn my secrets and use my knowledge.

This book shares my way to develop the most aesthetically impressive muscle in the body — the ABS. PAGE7 T he first section of the book explains the proper nutrition plan you need to follow in order to shred fat, while maintaining muscle mass.

The diet is divided in 5 phases and each phase is coupled with the appropriate ex- ercises that are customized according to the reduced caloric intake in each phase. The six pack look desired by anyone involved in fitness. Unfor- tunately fat is unequally distributed in some people and concentrated mainly in the waist region. So there is no given percent of fat which we should reach to show the six pack abdomen. You need a complete plan, focused on burning fat, in order to reduce the subcutaneous abdominal fat and it has at least three components: People inherit weight problems from their parents as the eye color or the nose shape for example.

Modern science researches genes of the children and their parents and looks for reasons for obesity, as some of them are already known.

Therefore one of the reasons for extra weight and belly formation in particular, are the genes programmed to burn fats. PAGE8 When the organism is filled with many toxic substances, it produces more fat, and the increasing hunger feeling makes us crave more and more food. The hun- ger centre in the brain is overstimulated and the only way to be normalized is by means of detoxification.

Fast eating or not enough food chewing leads to almost no release of blood glucose and the satiety centre in the brain does not react. So, when you eat faster, you consume more food and get fat. It is good to determine the weight which you desire to reach before starting the six pack diet. In other words, to define the weight that makes you look best.

Then you should take into account your body structure. Some people are small boned, others are large. Calculate 50 kg for the first cm of your height and add 2,5 kg for every other 2 cm to reach the average value of your ideal weight.

PAGE10 And now, after setting your goal for ideal weight, I offer an effective diet for fast and long lasting weight reduction with satisfactory results for the extra waist fat. This food regimen will improve your digestion and will speed up your metabolism. It is organized in five phases each of them working for obtaining and maintaining the desired result. The daily calorie intake is also a key point. Its reduction is always working for losing weight if this is your goal.

And the opposite, if you want to gain weight, you must increase it. For every man this number is different. In order to know what is yours, we need the following information: Weight 2. Age 3. Height Then we can use the formula given by WHO to calculate our metabolism at rest - it shows how many calories per day we need for proper functioning of our body and its systems without physical activity.

How much calories he needs to sustain his metabolism at rest: In my case the activity is moderate so I take 1. Calories for sure should be properly distributed in the macro nutrients and the different phases of our diet give different proportions, so our final goal is to fasten metabolism and to burn extra fat without losing muscle mass. They are broken down to glucose and are stored in the form of glycogen. Part of the latter is stored in the liver and maintains constant levels of blood glucose- when it is needed.

The main part of glycogen is in the muscles and ensures their work. To know how many grams of carbohydrates is that, we divide them by 4 1g of carbohydrates has 4 calories; the same is for proteins - this makes around g carbohydrates per day or approxi- mately 4.

See a Problem?

So we cannot avoid them at all. If we follow the scheme with cal, cal should come from fats. To know their amount in grams divide the calories by 9 1g of fat has 9cal and you get 0. DETOX The aim of the first phase is to trigger the fast slimming in a healthy way by moving the fats reserve and eliminating water and toxins from the organism. During detoxification you can take unlimited amounts of proteins - including meat, eggs, fish, and lots of vegetables as well.

Carbohydrate intake is limited, as you must quit white bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, biscuits, chocolate, sugar products and cakes. Fruits and fats are not excluded totally and this is good, because they both add flavor and sweetness to the diet. This means you need g of proteins per day if you weigh 70 kg. It is not hard to provide them as we take the fact that one turkey steak has 34 g proteins.

Carbohydrates in this phase are reduced to 0. Fats are reduced to 0. If fats in the main dishes are below your individual optimum, adding vegetable oil in the salad will cover the difference.

Follow the detox phase for five days and switch directly to the fourth phase if you have reached the desired weight. If you have kilograms to lose, go to the second phase - Metabolic start.

Avoid large fish such as: PAGE14 3. They also contain a lot of water and have fewer calories, which makes them perfect for our Detox Phase in the abs diet. There is no certain daily dose for them - so twice daily sounds good for our detox phase of the regimen. PAGE15 7. Repeat one of the menus from the detox phase every third day of this second phase.

Stay on a metabolic start at least 5 days and if you reach your ideal weight, go straight to phase 5 — Maintenance. The daily protein intake in this phase is increased and in men is within 2. Add olive oil and vinegar.

Spice with salt and black pepper if you want. Serve in plates and sprinkle with cheese. The nit is drawn outand the finely chopped onion, garlic and red peppers are PAGE21 put on its place. They are stewed for m into soften and are mixed with the tomatoes. Salt, pepper and bay leaf are put to taste and the meat is returned in the saucepan. The hot plate is reduced and is stewed under cover for 45 min - 1 hour. Water is added if needed. Finally the cover is removed, the hot plate is increased, so the unnecessary liquid evaporates.

ABS The Secret Revealed Lazar Angelov Review – PDF Free Download

Roll sliced vegetables are added, then it is well wrapped with foil and baked for an hour over medium heat. If it is too dense put some water or coconut water preferably. The saucepan is covered and the temperature is set to low. Thus it simmers for min until the amaranth is melted. Then sprinkle with the cut walnuts, goji berry, ca- cao beans, hemp seed.

Put in the fridge for hours. Before serving, strain the mixture to separate the juice. Serve the carrots in a glass bowl, as you put a round orange slice for a base. Mix the pineapple syrup with ketchup, vinegar and a little salt and pepper. Take aside half of it,and put the rest in a bowl and add the turkey meat and half of the red chilies.


Marinate the meat for 5 min. Step 2. Distribute the meat, pepper and half of the pineapple onto 8 skewers Step 3.

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Heat the grill or light the barbecue. Pour them with the left mar- inate and grill them for about 8 min until the meat starts to blacken at the ends. Cover the skeweres with the left sweet and sour sauce and serve. Onion, garlic and carrots are stewed a little in oil over medium heat. Finally add spices and the boiled buckwheat.

Make meatballs and bake them over low heat. Let them soak for min. Beat the eggs with stevia sweetener , add the soaked in the milk oat nuts and the grated apples. Add the baking powder.

Spread the mixture in oiled and sprinkled with galette cake pan. You can put some small butter pieces on top. PAGE27 The chicken fillets 2 pieces are cut in large pieces and baked in ribbed pan.

Large pieces of fresh green salad are arranged in a salad bowl and the chicken pieces are put on top. Cherries are washed, halved and add- ed to the salad.

Honey 2 Tbs. Salad is served covered with the achieved dressing. Break the bread. Put 2 Tbs. Fry until crunchy. Add almonds, garlic and the lemon peel and leave all on the fire until it gets gold color. Put the sprout in a serving plate, spice and sprinkle with the crumbs and almonds.

Finally add some oil. For chicken yakitori 2 tbs. PAGE28 Mix soy sauce, mirin and sake. Next beat inside unrefined sugar. Cut the chicken breasts to bites and marinate them for at least 15min. Put the bites and the green onion sticks on skewers. Prepare them on grill or ribbed pan, as you spread the marinate sauceoften until the meat is ready.

Serve with garnish of Brussels sprouts with almonds The main aim of the Revolution phase is to advance the loss of fatty tissue by al- ternation of three types of days - low-, medium- and high-carbohydrate day.

Avocado is also allowed and 1 portion light popcorn as well. Stay on the Revolution until achieving your aims but no longerthan 20 days. Youcanafford 0,,8 g per kg weight. Avoid pasta,cooked food, fruits except for apples — no more than 2 and not sweet , no nuts, nothing sweet. You rely on proteins on this day — g per kg weight. Eat fish, lean meat, skimmed milk, low calorie cottage cheese. Fats range from 0,8 to 1 g per kg.

Consume coffee and tea without sugar or with sweetener if not possible. So include: Proteinsaredown to 1 g, and fats - to 0,6 g. Do not overeat. The daily amount of calories should be maintained.

Increase the fruit intake. Do not consume too much bread, preferably whole grain. Agradual replenishment of carbohydrates begins and there is no fear of muscle mass decrease. These are: Most of the energy in this phase comes from fats, which are broken down to ke- tones. Their daily intake is twice as much than the norm or 2 g per kg weight.

Part of the consumed energy is provided from oxidation of amino acids. The amount of carbohydrates in the daily menu should be the smallest possible. The daily protein intake is 3 kg per kg weight formen, and 2 g per kg weight for PAGE32 women.

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The distribution of food should be 6 times a day: Strategy here is built on the principle of maintaining the metabolism at high speed, as extra calories in the form of hamburger, bread, ice cream, chocolate, alcohol and so on are allowed at certain days. After the metabolism is accelerated in order to manage the extra energy, you go back to your diet and thus you will burn calories at maximum rate. Until you reach your ideal flat and ripped abdomen it is good to enjoy no more than 4 of your favorite foods two days a week.

To pass from large to small waist, you have to understand you should deliber- ately change your psychological and behavioral habits. Read food labels. Limit saturated fats and choose ones containing fibers and healthy fats mono- and poly- unsaturated. Drink one or two glasses of waterbefore eating, as hun- ger signals could be thirst ones.

It is proven that two spices help maintain the waist — red pepper and canella. It is important to know that there is nothing dangerous in making mistakes, the key is to return to the proper way. Sleep at least 8 hours at night — the lack of it urges you to eat. Make healthy, safe and monogamous sex — satisfaction of one center of appetite in the brain helps satisfy another one also.

The following supplements are proven effective in some aspects for achieving defined abdominal muscles: It would be beneficial to take a thermogenic fat burner as well. Consult your physician or personal trainer about that and also about which of the above supplements would be suitable for you.

PAGE34 I n order to sculpt a ripped six pack you need to develop the core muscles that are responsible for the shape of the abs: This chapter describes the exercises that stimulate muscle hypertro- phy in the abdominal region. PHASE1 twoweeks The Detox Phase lasts for two weeks, as a result of which the abs program is also split into two weeks — three workouts per week for the first and second week.

The carbohydrate intake is lowered to 0. The exercises are chosen according to the lowered caloric intake and toxin cleanse period. The program is designed to be executed three times per week on nonconsecu- tive days, which are recorded in the table as Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but you can easily substitute them with other days, which may suit your lifestyle bet- ter. The exercises are the same for the three days for the week.

They are also the same for the second week. PAGE35 comes as a result of the shortened rest periods, while the number of sets and rep- etitions actually increases. In the last column of the two tables you can find additional information and after the tables — explanations regarding the tempo and rest periods between sets. Of course, we also have an instruction on how to execute each and every exercise from the first phase of the Detox program.

The given number of repetitions is performed for each of the sides.

The purpose of the diet and exercises is to lower the body fat percentage on the abs, but for a great midsection we also need to have adequate muscle mass and volume.

It is here, during the second phase, where we are going to work purposefully on muscle hypertrophy — that is to make the six pack bigger! This means that you will be able to see them much sooner.

During the second phase we work on hypertrophy for the abdominal muscles with adequately chosen exercises. It is exactly through those exercises that I have de- veloped my abs, while the exercises in the last phase and second to last help me to lower the fat percentage of my midsection. In the last phase also known as sup- porting phase, you will find my favorite program for shredding abdominal fat and sustaining a good six-pack all year round. Here we target hypertrophy of the muscles, as a result of which you will notice that the exercises are performed till failure along with the presence of harder ones.

Our purpose here is not only to increase the number of repetitions and lower the rest periods, as it is written in the table for the respective week, but also to increase the resistance on the exercise with weights. This is the recipe for massive abdominal muscles, which we target in this phase. The program is designed to be executed three times per week on nonconsecu- tive days, which are recorded in the table as Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but PAGE38 you can easily substitute them with other days, which may suit your lifestyle bet- ter.

The exercises are the same for the three days of the week and they are also the same for the three weeks, during which you are in phase 2 — the Low-carb diet. The thing that changes is the gradual increase in intensity, which comes as a result of the decrease in rest periods between sets, while the sets, repetitions and added resistance weight increase.

If you decide to continue training for more than three weeks on the second phase, then make sure you train according to the fourth table.

It will guide you on what and how to perform, as in every consecutive week you will try to increase the repetitions and the resistance weight as much as possible. Keep in mind not to make any compromise with the technique of execution of a given exercise. Per- form them with maximal weight, that allow you to do them correctly. If you feel that you use too much inertia and momentum and your technique is suffering, then lower the weight.

In the last column of the four tables you can find additional information and guid- ance, while after the tables themselves there is explanation about the tempo, rest periods between sets, as well as instructions on how to perform each and every exercise during the second phase of the program — the Low-carb diet.

Here is the right moment to add new exercises, as well as harder variations of those from the previous phases. The exercises are identical for all of the three training days of the week and they continue to be the same during the three weeks of phase 3 —Revolutions Carb Cycling. The factor that changes each and every consecutive training is the gradual increase of intensity, which comes as a result of the shortened rest periods and the increase in working sets, repetitions and added resistance weight.

The program is designed to be executed three times per week on nonconsecutive days, which are recorded in the table as Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but you can easily substitute them with other days, which may suit your lifestyle better.

In the last column of the four tables you can find additional information and guid- ance, while after the tables themselves there are explanations about the tempo, rest periods between sets, as well as instructions on how to perform each and every exercise during the third phase of the program — Revolutions Carb Cycling. Alternating arms: Execute one repetition with the left arm, followed by one wth the right.

Continue alternating the left and the right arm until you reach the target number of repetitions. Here, similar to the previous phase, there is an exchange of some exer- cises as well as the addition of more complicated variations of others.

The program is made to be executed three times per week on nonconsecutive days, which are recorded in the table as Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but you can easily substitute them with other days, which may suit your lifestyle better.Those are all different people and their motivations for developing a better physique were completely different.

I perform the Stomach Vacuum exercise every morning on an empty stomach for 5 minutes withoutresting. A step by step guide on how to achieve your goal. Kinesiology Review. I believe that you will find the right knowledge to accomplish the physical transformation you always wanted in this book.

Vijay Ganesh is currently reading it Oct 22, Six-pack abs possible with full-body training. Student Resources. Our purpose here is not only to increase the number of repetitions and lower the rest periods, as it is written in the table for the respective week, but also to increase the resistance on the exercise with weights.