STUN (RFC /) Abstract Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) is a protocol that serves as a tool for other protocols in dealing with. Download EPUB Ebook here { resspocobarte.ga }. for NAT ( STUN) – RFC ○ Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN) – RFC ○ However. Interactive Connection Establishment ○ RFC Download the book in PDF, ePub, site for a complete version. One form of NAT Traversal (STUN) is defined in RFC “Session Traversal Utilities for.

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STUN (RFC ) - defines a protocol used to allow UAs to obtain their server reflexive address for use in ICE. TURN (RFC ) - defines extensions to STUN . RFC Hypertext Transfer Protocol – HTTP/ .. It is a standard protocol ( IETF RFC ) used by NAT traversal algorithms to assist hosts in the discovery . Clone or download .. Compliant with the latest RFCs including , , and .. The MIT resspocobarte.gated and built for mobi/site; python-readability - fast python port of arc90's readability tool, updated to match latest resspocobarte.ga!.

DocBook reader: Issue IgnoredElement warnings. Org reader Albert Krewinkel : Fix planning elements in headers level 3 and higher Planning info is now always placed before the subtree contents. Omit, but warn about unknown export options. Unknown export options are properly ignored and omitted from the output.

Prefer plain symbols over math symbols FB2 reader: Skip unknown elements rather than throwing errors Sometimes custom elements are used e. Now it skips the element and issues an IgnoredElement warning. Parse notes , Alexander Krotov. Internal improvements Alexander Krotov.

This was added in pandoc 2. So this has been rolled back for now, until we find a good solution to make this behavior optional or a creative way to let pandoc-crossref and this feature to coexist. New module Text. Previously we could get an empty ol element, which caused validation errors with epubcheck. Ensure unique ids for styleesheets in content.

Make stylesheet link compatible with sitegen , Eric Schrijver. Emit empty alt tag in figures , Mauro Bieg. The same text is already in the and screen-readers would read it twice, see This fixes round-trip failures.

Prevent gratuitious emojification on iOS If other characters prove problematic, they can simply be added to needsVariationSelector. RST writer: treat Span with no attributes as transparent Previously an Emph inside a Span was being treated as nested markup and ignored.

With this patch, the Span is just ignored. LaTeX writer: Include inline code attributes with --listings Fix footnote in image caption. Regression: the fix for broke this case. This causes compilation errors. EPUB writer: Fix document section assignments For example, introduction should go in bodymatter, not frontmatter, and epigraph, conclusion, and afterward should go in bodymatter, not backmatter. For the full list of assignments, see the manual. Markdown writer: Add backslashes to avoid unwanted interpretation of definition list terms as other kinds of block Ensure the code fence is long enough Previously too few backticks were used when the code block contained an indented line of backticks.

Ditto tildes. Handle labels with integer names Jesse Rosenthal, Previously if labels had integer names, it could produce a conflict with auto-labeled reference links. Now we test for a conflict and find the next available integer.

Opening and closing tag for math output match now. Org writer: always indent src blocks content by 2 spaces , Albert Krewinkel. Emacs always uses two spaces when indenting the content of src blocks, e. Pandoc used to indent contents by the space-equivalent of one tab, but now always uses two spaces, too. Use proper smart quotes with asciidoctor Asciidoctor has a different format for smart quotes. Use doubled when necessary for spans JATS writer: Wrap elements with p when needed The JATS spec restricts what elements can go inside fn and list-item.

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Fix citations with PMID so they validate Also add an isodate attribute automatically. Use genre metadata field Lua: add Version type to simplify comparisons Albert Krewinkel.

The objects simplify version-appropriate comparisons while maintaining backward-compatibility. A function pandoc.

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Version is added as part of the newly introduced module pandoc. Better tests for Attr and AttributeList.

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Add function empty for removing all entries. Add function items for iterating over mediabag. This fixes a regression in YAML metadata in pandoc 2. Asciify: Add Turkish undotted-i , Mauro Bieg. Improve output of Lua tests , Albert Krewinkel. This makes use of tasty-lua, a package to write tests in Lua and integrate the results into Tasty output.

Test output becomes more informative: individual tests and test groups become visible in test output.

Failures are reported with helpful error messages. Lua: add pandoc.


The system Lua module provides utility functions to interact with the operating- and file system. Remove reference to head. NOTE: users will need to update reveal. So we should not put a backslash between the tmpDir and the filename on Windows. This is harmless enough in normal Windows setups, but it breaks on Cygwin. Thanks to cc2x for noticing and diagnosing the problem.

Allow use of -output-directory in --pdf-engine-opt This is currently possible with mklatex and -outdir, but was not yet possible with xelatex and -output-directory. Previously the TOC appeared at the end of the document, and was not bookmarked. Fix broken links in documents , Shim Myeongseob. Also, use absolute links to pandoc.

Improved sample lua tikz filter in lua-filters docs , Matthew Doty. Fix typo , Christian Krause. Disable missing-home-modules warning in stack. Otherwise stack ghci fails. Add Text.

Dokuwiki Reader: parse single curly brace , Mauro Bieg. Vimwiki reader: improve handling of internal links We no longer append.

This mirrors behavior of other wiki readers. Generally the. It may be important for output to HTML in certain circumstances, but it can always be added using a filter that matches on links with title wikilink.

If your workflow requires the current behavior, here is a lua filter that will add the. Avoid introducing spurious. Markdown reader: fenced div takes priority over setext header. HTML reader: read data-foo attribute into foo LaTeX reader: Improve autolink detection PowerPoint writer Jesse Rosenthal : Expand builtin reference doc to model all layouts. The previous built-in reference doc had only title and content layouts. Add in a section-header slide and a two-content slide, so users can more easily modify it to build their own templates.

Supported by Clearwater nodes. Transparent to proxies, so supported by Clearwater - although needs support for GRUUs introduced in the Ninja Gaiden release to work in all use cases. Optional according to TS Clearwater supports this through function in Sprout. Transparent to proxies, so already supported by Clearwater.

Required for UEs supporting presence and presence servers. Transparent to proxies, so supported by Clearwater. IMS mandates support for this package for subscribing to the list of watchers of a particular presentity, so support is only applicable for SIP UEs supporting presence and presence application servers. Includes Min-SE and Session-Expires headers, which are used to negotiate the frequency of keepalives.

Clearwater supports session-expiry as a proxy per section 8 of the RFC. It does not have a minimum acceptable session interval, so does not make use of the Min-SE header, though does honor it. Clearwater requests a session interval of 10 minutes or as close to 10 minutes as possible given pre-existing headers in order to properly perform session-based billing.

Transparent to proxies so supported by Clearwater. Event package for dialog state. In TS IMS allows any of the three mechanisms to be used, or combinations depending on circumstances. All three mechanisms are transparent to proxy components, so supported by Clearwater.

Also, need to proxy History-Info headers transparently. Clearwater supports this. However, s9. Clearwater does not currently do this so if other parts of the network are not compliant, Clearwater will not fill in for them and should. In IMS, this is only required for presence events, and is only mandatory for UEs supporting presence or presence servers, otherwise it is optional. Should be transparent to proxies, so supported by Clearwater. Mandatory according to TS Reading Rel 9, this strongly suggests that the only nodes that need to actually invoke these mechanisms certain types of application servers, such as conference servers or message servers that support message distribution lists so the function is to guard against people being added to these lists without their consent.

Therefore the only function required in the core is to pass the messages and headers through transparently. Clearwater already supports this minimal set of function. The function is mandatory in an IMS message list server, but not required anywhere else in the network.

Mandatory for IMS conference app servers. One use case for this could be to send a single REFER to a conference server to get it to invite a group of people to a conference. This header is supported by Clearwater and included on requests sent to application servers. Supported by Clearwater for NAT traversal, except for the Flow-Timer header which tells the client how often to send keepalives.

Clearwater used RFC double-record routing in Bono nodes when transitioning between the trusted and untrusted zones on different port numbers. Transparent to proxies anyway, so supported by Clearwater. Framework for passing geo-location information within SIP messages. According to TS Supported by Clearwater as headers will be passed transparently. Clearwater will forward these headers if specified by other nodes in the signaling path, so this is supported.

Mandatory in proxy components according to TS Supported in Clearwater. Mandatory for proxy components.Support for this is mandatory according to TS This function is optional according to TS Figure 1 illustrates three media flows with a single Expressway pair for MRA deployed in a single site with direct Internet access: 1.

Packets that are fragmented must be reassembled at the other end. RFCs are readily available to anyone for free. Most of the topics covered in this book also have considerable coverage on the Internet outside of the RFCs, such as in Wikipedia.