This checklist should not be relied upon as a home inspection report, nor should it qualified, educated, licensed, experienced ASHI certified home inspector in. Looking for professional home inspection checklist? Then visit our page and check out our Printable Home Inspection Checklists!. resspocobarte.ga Learning Center All rights reserved. resspocobarte.ga LEARNING CENTER. HOME INSPECTION CHECKLIST. CONTENTS. Attic. 1. Balconies.

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This free printable home inspection checklist is perfect for home inspectors. The form follows our EZ home Microsoft Word Download ยท PDF Download. Download a free home inspection checklist template for Excel or a printable home inspection form in PDF format. Front Doors. Notes: Garage Doors. Garbage receptacle. House number. Mailbox. Outdoor lights. Garage. Good. OK. Bad. Paint and trim. Ceiling. Parking. Doors.

Here are some suggestions for finding a home inspector: Ask for recommendations.

Your real estate agent or loan officer will be able to offer home inspector recommendations. Also, check with family and friends who have recently downloadd homes. Check with trade groups.

These organizations require certifications for membership, which helps maintain a high standard of service. Check qualifications. Licensing requirements vary from state to state.

Ask your real estate agent about state requirements and make sure your home inspector meets them. Request a sample inspection report.

Look to make sure the report is clear and that it includes images of any identified problems. It should include recommendations for potential homedownloaders.

Sections Included in the home inspection checklist:

Ask about fees. Home inspection costs can vary depending on the provider, the size of the home, and location.

According to the U. A closer look at VA minimum property requirements MPRs exist to ensure that a home is safe, sanitary, and structurally sound. This is why homedownloaders are strongly advised to have a home inspection, and not rely only on the VA appraisal, when making a home download. In fact, many VA homedownloaders begin with a home inspection for an in-depth look at the property. If satisfied by the inspection, then they have the lender order a VA appraisal. The loan team will send a request to the VA who will assign an independent appraiser in your area.

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Some of the other amenities covered: Heating and electricity Homes with a wood burning stove must also have a backup heating system that can sustain the home at a temperature of 50 degrees above the temperature point at which pipes can freeze, burst, and flood the home. Solar systems that heat the home or heat water must be backed up by conventional methods.

The home must have electricity in all areas for lighting and equipment. Water The home must have a water heater, safe drinking water, and a working septic system whether its public or private.

Homes with a well instead of community or public water will require a water quality analysis to ensure that the water is safe to drink. Homes on a community well are required to prove that the community system can provide sufficient water for the homes served, and that water can be delivered at a reasonable cost on an ongoing basis. Roof and crawl space The roof must not leak, and must have viable life left.


If there is any question about the roof, the VA underwriter may require a roof inspection separate from a home inspection or appraisal to determine the number of years of life left for the roof. Any crawl spaces much be accessible, clear of debris, and properly vented. Likewise, the attic must be vented.

Utilities and multi-unit homes For 2- to 4-unit homes, the VA appraiser will determine whether laundry and storage can be shared between the units.

Water, gas, sewer, and electricity may be shared by multiple units under the same VA loan, as long as there are separate shutoffs for each unit. Access to the home The home must be accessible by foot or car from a public or private street and the access must be viable all year-round. For multi-unit properties, each unit must be accessible without trespassing through another unit or property. Why an e-Book?

download your e-books online, and download them as soon as your transaction is completed. You don't have to wait for them to arrive before the fun begins.

15+ Sample Home Inspection Checklist Templates

They're up to date. You get the latest and most accurate information because we update our e-books as needed.

Our e-books are great for travel. On vacation? You can bring our entire library with you wherever you go. Our e-books don't take up much storage space! You can use your shelves for tools, not books.

Our e-books are hard to misplace. Store them on your laptop, tablet or e-reader.Two, that the property meets VA and lender guidelines. The user can make changes in the contents of the template and can also make changes in the background theme of the template.

Roof and crawl space The roof must not leak, and must have viable life left. E-books are now outselling paperbacks and hard-cover books by a revolutionary margin. Look to make sure the report is clear and that it includes images of any identified problems. This range allows the user to get very good quality of printouts.

These aspects covers facets such s the nature of the locality, the quality of the domestic products and also the other facets such as the nature of maintenance of the house or the flat. The VA appraiser will likely request paint repairs, particularly for any chipping or peeling both of which can present a lead-poisoning hazard.

The main items your home inspection should cover: Home structure. This includes checking if the walls, ceiling, and floor are in good shape and do not have any cracks or dents, that the the steps, stairways, and railings have been molded and shaped correctly that it is not too high or too low, that the countertops and cabinets do not have any issues like termites, that the doors and windows are a perfect fit and are of quality that it can withstand any kind of weather without deforming, that the garage doors do not get stuck midway, and that the readily installed appliances are brand new and of great quality as well.