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Master real-time MEAN web application development and learn how to construct a MEAN application using a combination of MongoDB. Book Cover of Patrick Mulder - Full Stack Web Development with AngularJS, and has become so popular that it has earned the title MEAN stack -- the . MongoDB,, and These four technologies can work in tandem for a full JavaScript stack, the first of its kind in web development.

However I will say that later chapters can feel a bit outdated since the JS world moves so fast. The raw information is still factual and even surprisingly helpful. Full-Stack JavaScript Development explains the entire theory and practical implementation of a Node-powered fullstack JavaScript webapp.

Early chapters cover a lot of theory but follow up with relevant exercises. For only pages this is one of the most comprehensive development books on MEAN. You absolutely must have an understanding of server architecture and solid JavaScript skills.

And Node. The author Jim Wilson does a great job covering Node, npm, and Express. The sole purpose of this book is to understand how a Node.

This includes a top-down strategy for architecting fast webapps from stage 1. But even if you have no experience using Node you can pick up a lot of intermediate-to-advanced techniques just by going through the lessons in this book. The author Elad Elrom has years of experience with programming and technical writing.

This means he knows how to write code and how to document that code properly. The goal is to teach you how to create a build cycle on the MEAN stack that works and scales.

Note the author does not strictly stick to Angular and he actually uses Handlebars for templating.


So this book is not the best title for a complete MEAN stack. The book spans about pages and teaches in a linear fashion helping you create a fully-functional social networking app.

Jeff also teaches you how to properly architect and structure your project from start to finish. He covers the Gulp.

Front End, Back End, Full Stack—What Does it All Mean?

Each chapter covers a lot so the book moves fast. You should have some prior experience building web applications with another language and you should be very comfortable coding in JavaScript.

And some full stack developers do code entire websites, including both the front and back ends, but usually only if they are working freelance or are the only developer working on a project. So Then.

What is a Full Stack Engineer? Putting the question to rest once and for all, a full stack engineer is a senior level role for someone with the skills of a full stack developer as described above , but with project management experience in things like systems administration configuring, managing, and maintaining computer networks and systems.

Since Skillcrush is focused on helping people learn skills to break into tech, we usually focus more on developer level positions, but full stack engineer jobs are the kind of roles you can look forward to after spending some time in the industry.

Which Should You Learn? Since being a full stack developer means you can work on both the front AND back ends of the development process, does that mean going full stack should be your primary objective?

Not necessarily. If working for a major tech company think Facebook or Google is your dream, full stack developer jobs are a path for getting there, but not everyone is best served by learning how to become a full stack developer, moving to a major tech hub and working for a company like Facebook. And speaking of which, how exactly DO you get started?

Unfortunately, knowing what that first step is is sometimes harder than learning the actual skills themselves. The good news is, we can help!Installing Express. Installing MongoDB.

NodeConf is coming soon. Introducing AngularJS.

Serving static files. Android Development.